Mitee-Bite Kopal Mono-Bloc Clamps

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Kopal Mono-Bloc Clamps

The Mono-bloc clamp is the quickest and easiest way to clamp parts on a Bridgeport-type mill.

One of the fastest and strongest milling clamps available anywhere
Modular design: Start with two clamps and build with tiers
Clamps are easily set up and broken down, making them ideal for odd-shaped parts and short cycle times.
Worm-and-gear design ensures that the clamp will not loosen with use
Up to 13" clamping height with riser blocks

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  • Clamping Range 0-4"
  • 3,500 lbs. damping force when tightened to a torque of 59 ft lbs.


  • Clamping Range 0-5 1/2"
  • 1,900 lbs. damping force when tightened to a torque of 59 ft lbs.
Precision Worm & Gear Mechanism
When holding the workpiece, the worm can turn the gear but the gear cannot turn the worm. Thus, the clamp cannot loosen.
#1 Swivel Shoe
Light alloy swivel shoe provides protection against marring workpiece. The shoe is removable and free to swivel. It is secured by spring-loaded balls. A variety of shoes are available.
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8mm hex ball is used to tighten Mono-Bloc to riser or to table. The socket is used to clamp workpiece. Red comfort-grip handle.

How the Mono-Bloc Clamps Work

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Standard Duty Mono-Bloc Clamps

Part NumberDescription 
25705 Standard-Duty Mono-Bloc w/ 2 5/8″ Arm
(includes T-wrench)
25710 Standard-Duty Riser Block  
25515 Replacement Swivel Shoe  
25720 T-Wrench for Standard-Duty Mono-Bloc  
25540 Extension Arm  
25310 Worm Drive  

Deluxe Mono-Bloc Start-Up Kit

Part NumberT-Slot Size
25725 1/2″
25727 9/16″
25729 5/8″
25731 3/4″

Special Screws & T-Nuts for Mono-Bloc

Part NumberDescription 
25730 M-10 x 35mm Screw for 9/16″ T-Nut  
25733 M-10 x 40mm Screw for 5/8″ & 3/4″ T-Nut  
25736 M-10 x 45mm Screw for 13/16″ & 7/8″ T-Nut  
25748 9/16″ x M-10 T-Nut  
25751 5/8″ x M-10 T-Nut  
25754 3/4″ x M-10 T-Nut  
25757 13/16″ x M-10 T-Nut  
25760 7/8″ x M-10 T-Nut  

Contents of Starter Kit

Part NumberDescription 
25705 2 Standard-Duty Mono-Blocs w 2 5/8″ Arm  
25710 2 Standard-Duty Riser Blocks  
25540 1 Extension Arm  
25720 1 Standard-Duty T-Wrench  
25730 2 M-10 x 35mm Screws  
25733 2 M-10 x 40mm Screws  
Kit includes high-impact plastic storage/carrying case with room to store above tools and space to store additional T-nuts for other size mills.

Replacement Swivel Shoes

Shoes #2 & 3 give you a larger clamping surface –
Shoes # 4 & 5 are for holding round work pieces.
Part NumberT-Slot Size
25518 #2
25520 #3
25522 #4
25524 #5
25530 Set of 4 (#2, 3, 4, 5)

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