EMI Trunk Key

Brand: EMI Emergency Medical InternationalEMI Emergency Medical International

SKU: EMI-455-Trunk-Key

SALE PRICE: $5.75 each

Fast-access Trunk Key: This pick/punch combo tool can quickly open car trunks, tool compartments, and other automotive locks without the property damage that can be caused by heavy extrication tools. Simply insert the flat narrow end of the tool into the trunk lock and tap the 90º end with a hammer or any foricible entry tool to push the lock cylinder out. Then the hooked end can used to spring open the latch. Just 6-½” long.

An amazing device to own in virtually any emergency situation, the EMI Trunk Key was produced to be the most suitable solution to be certain that you're equipped. A good rescue device is a superb device to have along with you anywhere you go. And due to the EMI Trunk Key, finding a cutting edge rescue instrument hasn't ever been better. These Entry Tools from EMI are fashioned making use of the kinds of rugged and trustworthy supplies you have come to expect out of this impressive EMI name. EMI has been in the industry of building top of the range tactical rescue instruments for a number of years, and the EMI Trunk Key is the outcome of their tireless initiatives to provide you with the best of the best. Should you be needing a powerful way to ensure that you are ready for most situations, select the EMI Trunk Key.

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