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Eberlestock Halftrack Pack

Brand: EberlestockEberlestock
$349.00 EA

Total Volume: 2,150 c.i.
Weight: 6 lbs 7 oz
Dimensions main bag: 24"h x 11"w x 7"d

The Halftrack is an extremely versatile and popular 3-day pack.  It features two levels of varying-sized tuck-pockets lining its interior, MOLLE-style Padlock webbing racks inside and out, and a fold-down shelf that can be used to divide the main compartment into upper and lower chambers. It will carry two 3-liter hydration kits, mounted in side pockets, or two 2-liter bladders in side-sleeves if you want to keep the main side pockets free for other gear. The waistbelt features a 5 x 2 Padlock matrix on each side.

A radio rack with large antenna portals is fitted to the back wall of the upper chamber. The pack has a Gossamer polycarbonate frame, is comfortably padded with deep-cut airmesh foam, and is well ventilated.

Actual weight = 6.9 lbs. Shipping Dimensional weight = 11.0 lbs

The Halftrack pack, like its World War II namesake, was inspired by necessity.  The needs are fairly straightforward: carry heavy stuff, and make the thing that does it easy to use.

The halftrack vehicle-type was developed because it could carry heavy stuff, like anti-aircraft guns, and yet it was easy enough to drive that you could turn any knucklehead with a driver's license loose with it.

Our Halftrack, we're proud to say, continues in this tradition.  It's well-laid out.  Tough. PALS webbing all over the place.  Filled with easy access pockets.  And, combined with our patent-pending Ripcord Gun Carry System (sold separately), it'll carry a heavy weapon aft of your shoulders, so you'll be more mobile.  But what will surprise you is that you can get the gun off of your back while wearing the pack.

We do, however, depart from the old halftrack in one essential way.  Our pack is quiet, and made for comfort as much as anything else, because we know what it's like to live out of a backpack.

The Halftrack pack is sister to the Phantom sniper pack, and is built from the same pattern.  It's a front-loader, with two levels of varying-sized tuck-pockets lining its interior, PALS racks inside and out, and a fold-down shelf that can be used to divide the main compartment into upper and lower chambers.  A plastic mesh flap on the rear wall serves as a radio rack.

It will carry two 3-liter hydration kits, mounted in side pockets, or two 2-liter bladders in sleeves inboard of the outer pockets if you want to free the main side pockets for other gear.

It features a longer waistbelt, with a 6 x 2 PALS matrix on each side.

We are confident that you will appreciate the quality and level of detail in this product.

The Halftrack has our unique, hand-sewn support, padding, and ventilation system.  You'll need to try one on to find out why so many people tell us that our packs are the most comfortable they've ever worn.

The pack has a plastic framesheet and internal aluminum Cellular Stays, which work in combination with the harness and padding to provide you with plenty of support for carrying loads.

The Halftrack includes a lightweight pull-out rain cover, which stows in a pocket on the bottom of the main compartment.  It can be used to cover the pack, and will even go over a weapon that's being carried.

If you add our ARCG ButtBucket kit (sold separately), you can carry a rifle on the pack, and get it off your back without removing the pack.

Our ButtBucket gun-carrier system, based upon our patent-pending Ripcord Bowtether, offers you a new way to carry a weapon aft of your shoulders, and to still be able to get it off of your back without removing the pack.

Since you may ask us to compare this to our Backscabbard systems, we'll do it for you here:  We like the Ripcord system for its simplicity, for its universality, and because beneath it all we have a very nice conventional backpack, which we've been wanting to make for some time now.  The Ripcord is easy to use, works well, and will be a godsend for those who used to think that the only way to carry a gun was either in your hands or on a shoulder sling.  For hard-core applications, and for carrying heavier weapons, we still prefer the Backscabbard (as found in our Phantom, Gunslinger, and Skycrane packs), because it puts the weight of the gun closer to your body.  But the Ripcord's cool.  It's a simple tool that can be added to any PALS-racked pack (meaning all of ours). 

 The ButtBucket Weapon Carrier set is sold separately.

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