Lamperd Less Lethal 12 Gauge WASP Rubber Round - 20 Gram for Animal

Brand: Lamperd Less LethalLamperd Less Lethal


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The 12ga Wasp Round produces a painful and powerful blunt impact reducing
your liability profile in relations to lethal ammunition.

The 12ga WASP was developed to overcome the shortcomings of the

conventional rubber ammunition. The WASP is a novel, lead free and well-researched (2 years) rubber projectile that has won numerous awards in North America. The WASP is composed of a specialized patented composite that allows it to maintain its properties over a wide range of temperatures from -50°C to 100°C. It also dissipates energy, thus inflicting an adequate but not lethal trauma to the target.

The aerodynamic design virtually eliminates missed target zones caused by errant projectiles
and ensures the same strike profile, removing any possibility of spinning or fluttering shot
after shot.

Potential Targets/Applications:

  • Individual Targets
  • Suspect Apprehension
  • Prison/Civil Rioters
  • Animal Control/Conditioning

Primary Users:

  • Military
  • Law Enforcement

Incapacitation Mechanism/Technology:
The 12ga WASP is made of a specialized patented composite rubber material designed for durably, heat and cold conditions. This 20 gram tail stabilized projectile produces controlled and directed incapacitation by blunt impact trauma and excruciating pain.

Physical Data:

  • Size: Length= 2 3/8 inch, 12 gaugeProjectile Weight: 20 grams
  • Power Requirements: 4.0 grains
  • Velocity 300 FPS

Performance Characteristics:

  • Effect on target: Incapacitation caused by loss of breath, psychological effect, and/or pain and extreme discomfort.
  • Time to Effect: Instantaneous
  • Duration of Effect: Seconds to Minutes based on power factor, distance and location of
  • Effective Range: 10 yards (heavily clothed subject) to 30 yards

Delivery Means:
12 gauge shotgun, cylinder bore required or 40mm launcher with 12g adapter

Operational Strengths:

  • Most officers are trained with the use of 12ga.
  • Uses standard issue weapons
  • requires no special equipment.

Direct Impact and Operational Limitations:

  • Shields, heavy flora, natural or man-made cover or concealment
  • Level of incapacitation may be affected based on individual mental state, motivation,
    physical characteristics or drug/alcohol intoxication level.
  • This ammunition may produce lethal trauma when vital areas are struck at close range
    (and energy imparted exceeds 90 foot pounds) by causing massive skull fractures,
    rupture of vital organs, heart compression and or serious skin lacerations.
  • Normal use may result in contusions, abrasions, broken ribs and concussions.

Documentation Required:
It is recommended that officers training records be annotated to indicate proper training of less lethal blunt munitions use has been accomplished.