Latent Print Backing Cards, 3" x 5"
2014-08-20 02:27
Attach latent prints on the glossy side of our backing cards. The opposite side is non-glossy. Features pre-printed information for case informatio
KR-FS-1004077-1-2501 SALE: $10.79 EA
LE Target Full Size Rifle Clearing Trap
2014-08-10 09:54
Dry firing a gun is often necessary to check its status and insure all rounds have been removed. Our double walled Clearing Trap makes this a safe and
LE-TARGET-AT-123 SALE: $749.99 EA
Mystaire Misonix Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber
2014-08-19 07:32
This ductless cyanoacrylate fuming chamber is a fully automatic system that develops latent fingerprints without exposing the user to any harmful fume
KR-FS-1004154-1-4690 SALE: $12,599.99 EA
Protrusion Rod Set, Yellow, Pack of 4
2014-08-09 08:48
Yellow protrusion rod set is connectible to provide sufficient length for trajectory measurement. Designed for bullet holes from weapons of .32 calibe
KR-FS-1007800-PR-S06 SALE: $53.99 EA