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What is the purpose of Bear Spray?
Bear Spray, also known as Bear Deterrent is a powerful aerosol product used to temporarily impair an aggressive bear in an attempt of attack against humans.

How does it work? 
Bear spray contains capsaicin (the active ingredient of pepper) and causes immediate irritation and burning of the eyes, nose and throat when contact occurs. The effects can last for several hours.

Fact: A bear can charge at 55 kilometers per hour...that is over 50 feet per second!
When using bear spray, you want to get the active ingredient between you and the bear as quickly as possible, with the greatest range possible!

Why Choose Us?
-Stongest Formula permitted in Canada; Why would we offer any less? Our bear deterrents contains 1% Capsaicin (strongest ingredient) plus related major Capsaicionoids at 0.72%. This is comparable to the 2% Capsaicinoid formulas advertised in the U.S.A.

-Quality Control Tested for leakage up to 54 ºC / 129.2 ºF
-Goes The Distance; With the greatest wind penetration and one of the longest spray ranges available, our bear deterrents offer you the distance you need to stay safe.
-Ease of Use; User friendly design and an orange safety clip that can be removed and replaced to prevent accidental spray release.

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